H1.Copernicus- Institution and Expert Profiles

Leverage a rich and powerful database of institutional and expert profiles to quickly discover the most relevant information for any profiling task at hand.

Ada Lovelace
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Search and Refine

  • Map names and leads to extensive records of work and interests

  • Sort and slice profiling data using your own time, place, and relevance criteria

  • Drill down by therapeutic area, clinical trial, drug, or disease

Institutions and Profiles

Institutions, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare events represent the fundamental units of the industry. H1.Copernicus has collected and architected all of this information into a single framework that creates meaningful profiles across data-types.

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Healthcare Professionals

  • Every healthcare professional in the country outside of private practice

  • Frequent updates from numerous web sources and directories

Academic Researchers

  • All life science researchers in the United States

  • Complete profiles on scholarship and clinical activity

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